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Nathan Harding

Pastor, Religious Institutions

Nathan Harding, Pastor

Nathan Harding's Bio:

I completed an Advanced Certificate in Leadership Studies, which is the halfway point to a doctorate in strategic leadership. Additionally, I hold Master degrees in executive leadership (Liberty) and Biblical studies, and a bachelor in organizational leadership (MSU). Also, I completed the Dimensions of the Faith program through the Gordon-Conwell theological seminary.


I was first ordained in 2001, and in 2007 I accepted the call to pastor. During this time, I have come to realize that a great need for globally-centered christian leadership exists; leadership that liberates, transforms, and rises above those things that hold a person back– ideas that I incorporate into both theology and business instruction.


Educational courses include: Human resource management; decision-making; finance; accounting; economics; communication; organizational behavior; strategic leadership & management; legal Issues in business;  non-profit management; church history; Greek; New and Old Testament studies; Biblical Interpretation; Theology survey; and World Missions; extensive research in Middle English as used in 1535-1549.


What can be better than meeting new people and collaborating with those interested in leadership, business, religion, or technology? I also enjoy hobby farming and the outdoors: Day-hikes, fishing, mountain bike riding, and camping.

Nathan Harding

Nathan Harding's Experience:

  • Director at VIR-COM, LLC

    Small Business Consulting

  • Translater / Editor at The Matthew Bible

  • Pastor at Richwood Chapel

    Preaching, Counseling, Bible Studies

Nathan Harding's Education:

  • Liberty University

    Doctor Candidate
    Concentration: Strategic Leadership
  • Johnson University

    Advanced Graduate Certificate
    Concentration: Global Leadership Studies
  • Liberty University

    Master of Arts
    Concentration: Executive Leadership
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Dimensions of the Faith
    Concentration: Theological Studies
  • Bible University

    Master of Bible Studies
    Concentration: Biblical Studies
  • Mountain State University

    Bachelor of Science
    Concentration: Organizational Leadership

Nathan Harding's Interests & Activities:

I enjoy meeting new people. My wife Jodee and I also enjoy hobby farming and the outdoors: Hiking, fishing, mountain bike riding, and camping. INTERESTS Non-Profit Organizational Development, Public Speaking, Situational/Trancendent Leadership, Bible Study, Outdoor Activities, Author, Faith & Christianity,Online Instructing, Organizational Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics, Independent (Critical) Thinking

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